Japandi Interior Style

The Japandi interior design aesthetic combines Scandinavian and Japanese design ideas to produce a simple yet hospitable environment. Clean lines, organic materials, and a neutral color scheme define this style.

Furniture in Japandi interiors frequently has a low profile and emphasizes simplicity and utility. Pieces frequently have simple lines and a minimal look and are composed of natural materials like wood, bamboo, and wicker. Another crucial component of Japandi’s interior design is lighting, which emphasizes natural light and soft, warm lighting to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Japandi color palette

Japandi interiors frequently combine traditional Japanese and Scandinavian design features. This can incorporate items like bamboo blinds, shibori fabrics, Japanese lanterns, and simple, geometric designs in addition to natural wood finishes and simple, ethnic textiles.

Artwork "The face" made by HAS architects AS
Artwork “The face” made by HAS architects AS

The simplicity, calm, and warmth of Japandi interiors can be felt throughout. They are made to be both aesthetically beautiful and both comfy and practical. This design is ideal for those who value the beauty of natural materials and straightforward, clear lines and want to create a minimalist and welcoming room.

Artwork “The moon” made by HAS architects AS
Our proposal for Japandi kitchen. HAS architects AS