How we work

No-obligation consultation

We begin with a non-binding conversation where we gain insight into your desires, expectations, and needs. We then present our offer and some initial thoughts. If there is a desire to collaborate, we draft and sign a collaboration agreement.

Functional floor plan

We begin the collaboration with an interview where we delve deeper into your needs, style, budget, and wishes. We conduct a functional analysis and, if possible, carry out a site visit. We deliver 2 to 3 proposals for floor plans, on which you provide feedback, and we make the desired changes. You then approve the floor plans.

Conceptual design

We work as a team to create a unique and well-thought-out proposal for you. During the design phase, early identification of potential challenges is crucial, and we base our work on the TEK17 law to avoid unnecessary errors. In this phase, we establish a lighting plan, color and material palette, and propose fixed furnishings, furniture, and types of interior design (such as bathroom, kitchen, wardrobe, trim, doors, stairs, and fireplace, to name a few). For outdoor spaces, we design different types of plants. We present a digital experience of your new home using photorealistic visualizations and VR to assist you in the process. You provide feedback with corrections (up to 3 updates) before approving the proposal, allowing us to finalize the concept.

Executive planning and design

We provide a detailed project with all specifications, including all products, fixtures, wall descriptions, color descriptions on the floor plan, and a cost estimate. Also included are scaled drawings for suppliers of custom elements. You provide feedback with corrections or approve the project.

Construction phase

Option 1 - Implementation support. The project has a project manager available for all construction questions. We visit the construction site when needed, but this is a passive approach to the construction plan. Option 2 - Customer representative. In this variant, we act as the "builder" and show an active attitude towards construction by communicating with contractors, coordinating work, and monitoring the status of product orders. We also offer regular site visits, so you do not have to be a coordinator.