Interior design tailored for you
Customised furnishings for your unique style
Architecture in harmony with nature
Eco-friendly design for sustainable homes
Your personal landscape architect
Develop your dream outdoor environment with expert assistance
Interior design tailored for you
Customised furnishings for your unique style
Architecture in harmony with nature
Eco-friendly design for sustainable homes
Your personal landscape architect
Develop your dream outdoor environment with expert assistance

Scandinavian architecture, sustainability, and bold interior design come together in harmony with nature to create unique, inspiring spaces that elevate your quality of life.


Scandinavian design meets sustainability and innovation

We create timeless architecture that combines the best of Scandinavian design, landscape architecture, and exclusivity, with a focus on sustainability and human-centered spaces that promote well-being and quality of life.

Customization and bold interior design

We work closely with our clients to create tailored, personalized solutions that reflect their unique style and needs, while exploring vibrant colors and natural materials to create inspiring, luxurious spaces.

Human-centered design and harmony with nature

Our architecture places human well-being at the center, prioritizing comfort, natural light, and a sense of belonging. We embrace nature as a design catalyst, creating harmonious connections between indoor and outdoor environments that both inspire and enrich the lives of those who inhabit them.

Our area of expertise

Tailored interior solutions for your home

Explore our interior services that are custom-tailored to your needs and preferences. Transform your home with sustainable solutions and integrated smart systems, and let us help you create a unique and functional home that reflects your personal style.

Green architecture for sustainable homes and urban development

Discover sustainable architecture with our eco-friendly solutions for private residences, multi-family buildings, and urban design, and create a home that is both functional and in harmony with nature.

Personalized garden and landscape design for a beautiful outdoor environment

Explore our unique garden design solutions, tailored for private clients and their needs, and experience how we combine natural elements, sustainability, and aesthetics to create a stunning outdoor space that reflects the spirit of the place.

Virtual architecture: The future of property investment

Explore the Metaverse with us and become a pioneer in NFT architecture by investing in unique digital spaces that allow you to experience immersive art in a completely new way.

How we work

01 No-obligation consultation

Insight into desires, expectations, and needs, presenting proposals and initial thoughts.

02 Functional floor plan

Interview and functional analysis, site visit meeting, multiple floor plan proposals, feedback, and approval.

03 Conceptual design

Unique proposal, TEK17-based regulations, furnishings and materials, digital visualization, feedback, and approval.

04 Executive planning and design

Detailed project, specifications, drawings and cost estimate, feedback, or approval.

05 Construction phase

Alternative 1: Implementation support - passive approach. Alternative 2: Customer's representative - active coordination and follow-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our architecture firm offers a wide range of services, including architectural design, interior design, landscape design, master planning, sustainable design, project management, and construction administration. We serve private clients, developers, and property owners for projects such as private residences, cabins, and other buildings.

The costs for architectural services vary and depend on the project’s complexity, size, and specific requirements. Based on our recent projects, architectural fees for residential projects can range from 7% to 15% of the total construction costs. Hourly rates for architects in Oslo can range between 800,- and 1,500,-. Keep in mind that these figures are general estimates and may not directly apply to your project. We will provide you with a tailored fee proposal based on your project’s unique requirements during the initial consultation.

We bill for our services based on the project’s scope, complexity, and the level of engagement required from our team. We typically offer several billing options, such as a fixed fee, a percentage of construction costs, or hourly rates, depending on the client’s preferences and the project’s requirements.

Yes, we can help you assess potential locations for your project. Our team will analyze factors such as zoning, access, topography, infrastructure, and environmental constraints to find the best placement for your project.

The timeline for a residential architecture project can vary based on complexity, size, and permitting requirements. Generally, the design phase can take anywhere from 2-6 months, while the construction phase can range from 8-24 months. It is important to allow extra time for revisions, approvals, and any unforeseen circumstances

Yes, our architecture firm believes in a collaborative approach to ensure a successful project outcome. We work closely with engineers, contractors, and other professionals throughout the design and construction process to ensure that the project is carried out in a seamless and efficient manner.

We understand the importance of staying within budget for our clients. In the design phase, we work closely with you to establish a realistic budget based on the project’s requirements and desires. Throughout the construction process, we monitor costs and make adjustments as needed to ensure the project stays on the right financial track.

We maintain open communication with our clients throughout the duration of the project. You will receive regular updates, including progress reports, meetings, and design documents, to keep you informed about the project’s status. Additionally, we encourage clients to participate in site visits and meetings to be actively involved in the project.