Generation Sims

In the lively world of the early 90s, a seemingly simple computer game nudged me toward my future in architecture and design. That game was The Sims. It wasn’t just a way to pass the time; it sparked a creative flame that would illuminate my path to adulthood. I vividly remember the excitement of unwrapping […]

Architects’ Role in Shaping Inclusive Spaces for the LGBT+ Community

As we walk into an era of acceptance, we understand more than ever that diversity is the beautiful mosaic that crafts our society. Architecture, too, has an essential role in reflecting this diversity. It can create spaces that accommodate and celebrate the LGBT+ community, embodying the ethos of inclusivity and equality. Architecture has often mirrored […]

Architecture and Society

Let us kick things off on a foundational note. Architecture, at its core, is about creating structures. However, you seem to have a slightly different perspective at HAS Architects. Could you share a bit about that? It is a common perception, but we see architecture as more than just crafting structures. It is about creating […]

An Exploration of Scandinavian Design and Its Minimalist Mastery

Steeped in minimalism, echoing with simplicity, and singing in harmony with nature, Scandinavian design is a serenade to the senses. As the architects at HAS studio, we have always been enchanted by this melodic interplay of form and function, aesthetics and practicality. Let us embark on a journey to the heartlands of Scandinavia—the Nordic countries […]

The Art and Science of Transforming Outdoor Spaces

Imagine a canvas that stretches out under the open sky, its parameters defined by the rustling leaves of towering trees, the chirping of birds hidden within thick foliage, and the gentle dance of flowers bending to a soft breeze. This is the realm of the outdoor space, a domain teeming with life, possibility, and nature’s […]

Architects in the Metaverse

Welcome to a world where imagination takes flight—a world unencumbered by physical constraints, gravity, and the limits of tangible materials. This is the metaverse, a boundless digital expanse blending virtual reality and augmented reality, crafting an endless canvas for creation. It’s here that architects, including our team at HAS architects, are learning to navigate this […]

Walking Guide Tour in Bjørvika

Introduction Oslo’s great ambition is to become a leading sustainability capital in urban life and the environment. One of the fundamental missions is to develop a city that holds the dialog between local residents and private and public partners to create a democratic, vibrant and engaging city. Bjørvika is located in the heart of Oslo’s […]

Japandi Interior Style

The Japandi interior design aesthetic combines Scandinavian and Japanese design ideas to produce a simple yet hospitable environment. Clean lines, organic materials, and a neutral color scheme define this style. Furniture in Japandi interiors frequently has a low profile and emphasizes simplicity and utility. Pieces frequently have simple lines and a minimal look and are […]

The California Housing Opportunity and More Efficiency (HOME) Act

In the past decades, California experienced a rapid population growth that initiated a shortage of affordable housing crisis. Housing affordability has been at its lowest in the past for about 15 years affecting many. The American dream of owning a home became simply too expensive in the market, driven primarily by the economic gain intertwined […]