Peter Has Larsen, Photography: Daniel Kvile

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10 February 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of design, where the boundaries between disciplines blur, lies a studio driven by a deep-seated belief in the power of thoughtful architecture. At its helm is Peter, whose journey into the confluence of architecture, landscape, and design reveals a commitment to creating spaces that resonate deeply with human experience.


What initially drew you to the field of architecture and design?


Peter: My fascination has always been with the profound impact that well-designed spaces have on our emotions and daily lives. It’s the possibility of creating environments that not only look beautiful but also function in harmony with their users and the surrounding ecosystem that drove me to this field.

Peter Has Larsen, Photography: Christer T. Larsen

“every design decision has ripple effects on the ecosystem it inhabits.”

Peter Has Larsen

Your studio aims for integrating architecture with landscape architecture. How did this philosophy develop?


Peter: The turning point came during my academic years, where studying landscape architecture alongside traditional architecture opened my eyes to the intricate connections between built environments and their natural surroundings. I realized that every design decision has ripple effects on the ecosystem it inhabits. This understanding became the cornerstone of our studio’s philosophy—creating designs that respect and enhance both human experiences and environmental integrity.


How do you integrate personal values with professional practice in design?


Peter: In our studio, personal values like authenticity, creativity, and connection are the bedrock of our professional practice. Whether we’re shaping brand identities, designing spaces, or conceptualizing buildings, these values guide us to create work that’s not only innovative and meaningful but also deeply resonant with the individuals and communities we serve. By weaving these principles into every project, we ensure our designs don’t just fulfill a function—they enrich lives and foster genuine connections.


How was the idea born to intertwine architecture and branding within your studio?


Peter: The concept of merging architecture and branding into a cohesive practice traces back to my early days. While pursuing my architectural studies, I simultaneously engaged in graphic design and website creation for friends and family embarking on new ventures. This experience, coupled with the architectural emphasis on graphic concepts, laid the groundwork for my appreciation of the parallels between these disciplines.


The pivotal moment came when I met Gjyri Helen Werp, who runs her own branding agency. Our collaboration on several pilot projects unveiled a unique synergy, sparking a revolutionary approach to commercial spaces. We discovered the power of storytelling that bridges the digital and physical worlds, realizing that creating inviting spaces goes beyond aesthetics—it’s about narrating a compelling story. Our partnership has flourished over several projects, drawing strength from our diverse backgrounds. Gjyri has become an invaluable ally in this journey, as we collectively aim to redefine the commercial space narrative, ensuring every design embodies a story worth telling.


Peter Has Larsen

“Our ambition is for sustainability to be woven into the fabric of architectural practice; for it to become an inherent, unspoken standard rather than an optional add-on.

Peter Has Larsen

How do you balance aesthetic and functional aspects in your projects with ecological considerations?


Peter: It’s all about embracing the concept of design as an ecosystem. This means every aspect of a project, from its initial concept to the final execution, is approached with an understanding of its impact on both people and the planet. We strive to create solutions that embody this balance, ensuring our designs are not only visually appealing but also sustainable and life-enhancing.


What inspires your studio’s design aesthetics?


Peter: Our design aesthetics are deeply influenced by the rich heritage of Scandinavian design, marked by simplicity, functionality, and a profound connection to the natural world. Moving to Scandinavia as a foreigner presented me with a unique set of cultural challenges and opportunities. It was a journey of adaptation and learning, where the academic and professional battles I faced pushed me to question and redefine my approach to design. This period of introspection and exploration helped me embrace a ‘new me,’ deeply influenced by the ethos of Scandinavian design yet open to the myriad of inspirations the world has to offer.


Living in what can truly be described as a ‘global village’ has kept my design perspective fresh and ever-evolving. The internet and travel expose us to a wealth of cultures, techniques, and inspiring individuals, making our era one of unparalleled experimental freedom. I find it exhilarating to explore and integrate elements from various cultures into our work, always with a nod to the clean, empathetic lines of Scandinavian design. This blend of local heritage and global influence fuels our creative process, encouraging us to explore new territories in design while staying grounded in principles that prioritize human experience and environmental harmony.


Looking forward, how do you see your studio evolving, and what aspirations do you have?


Peter: Looking to the future, our studio is poised at the edge of an exciting evolution in architecture, driven by shifting expectations, advancements in technology, and a rapidly transforming industry landscape. This era of change presents us with a canvas to innovate, challenge the status quo, and embark on a journey of discovery and experimentation. We are seeking partners in our clients—visionaries who are as eager as we are to embrace new possibilities and redefine what’s achievable. Our ambition is for sustainability to be woven into the fabric of architectural practice; for it to become an inherent, unspoken standard rather than an optional add-on. We advocate for a balanced, modern approach to design that respects both our heritage and our planet’s future. Our studio is in a state of continuous evolution, actively seeking to democratize architecture and design, making it accessible to those who have yet to discover its value in their lives. We’re not just creating spaces; we’re crafting environments that foster opportunity, stimulate problem-solving, and enhance the human experience at every scale.”


This conversation with Peter offers a glimpse into the soul of a studio where design is not just a profession, but a passion. With an ethos carved from the bedrock of authenticity, creativity, and a profound respect for the interconnectedness of our environments, our studio stands as a beacon for future-oriented design. Here, the aspiration isn’t just to create but to inspire, challenge, and contribute our lives and the world we share.”

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Peter Has Larsen

Peter Has Larsen

CEO, Civil Architect, and Landscape Architect

Peter has a background in architecture and landscape architecture, with an emphasis on sustainable design and local expertise. He assists clients with high-quality architectural solutions, and his work reflects a blend of academic insights from NTNU in Trondheim and AHO in Oslo, coupled with practical field experience.


With additional experience from UC Berkeley, USA, Peter brings a unique mix of global perspective and local expertise to his own architectural studio, HAS architects AS. Peter frequently collaborates on interdisciplinary projects. He is committed to crafting innovative architectural solutions that address today’s challenges and set the standard for the future.