Walking Guide Tour in Bjørvika

Introduction Oslo’s great ambition is to become a leading sustainability capital in urban life and the environment. One of the fundamental missions is to develop a city that holds the dialog between local residents and private and public partners to create a democratic, vibrant and engaging city. Bjørvika is located in the heart of Oslo’s […]

Japandi Interior Style

The Japandi interior design aesthetic combines Scandinavian and Japanese design ideas to produce a simple yet hospitable environment. Clean lines, organic materials, and a neutral color scheme define this style. Furniture in Japandi interiors frequently has a low profile and emphasizes simplicity and utility. Pieces frequently have simple lines and a minimal look and are […]

The California Housing Opportunity and More Efficiency (HOME) Act

In the past decades, California experienced a rapid population growth that initiated a shortage of affordable housing crisis. Housing affordability has been at its lowest in the past for about 15 years affecting many. The American dream of owning a home became simply too expensive in the market, driven primarily by the economic gain intertwined […]